Which Vitamin Is Good for You?


It always sounds like the simplest and most obvious advice: eat fruits and vegetables, get regular exercise, and take your vitamins. But when having a balanced meal and exercise can’t still make the cut, your best bet is to get your needed nutritional boost from vitamins and minerals.

For those who aren’t health experts, exploring the world of vitamins and understanding those letters and numbers can be overwhelming. It won’t be as simple as ABC when you’ve got from A (vitamin A) to Z (zinc). But fret not. As a provider of medical supplies in California, we have prepared a guide list on what each vitamin does by letter:

  • Vitamin A

    – good for the skin, skeletal tissue, general growth and development, and healthy eyes

  • B Group of Vitamins

    – generally improves immune function, iron absorption, and energy production

    • Vitamin B1

      – supports fat metabolism and energy production

    • Vitamin B2

      – antioxidant that protects cells from harmful radicals

    • Vitamin B3

      – good for the heart as it reduces a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease

    • Vitamin B6

      – helps produce myelin, a protective sheath for cells

    • Vitamin B7

      – improves metabolism, aids growth and production, and helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

    • Vitamin B9

      – is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system

    • Vitamin B12

      – helps in the production of red blood cells and nerve cells

    • Vitamin C

      – supports the immune system, has antioxidant properties, aids iron absorption, helps in tissue repair, and strengthens the blood vessels

    • Vitamin D

      – good for bone growth and development, immune function, and calcium absorption

    • Vitamin E

      – antioxidant that also helps in boosting the immunity and blood circulation

    • Vitamin K

      – keeps the heart healthy and aids in blood coagulation

  • Calcium

    – essential component in bone growth and development

  • Chromium

    – helps regulate proper glucose consumption and energy production

  • Folic Acid

    – helps in cell renewal and supports proper growth and development during pregnancy

  • Iron

    – improves your blood circulation, regulates your blood cells, and helps build muscles

  • Zinc

    – is good for fertility, improves immune function, and aids in growth and development

When to Take a Supplement

It’s always best to check with your physician to know if you need any supplements. Most people can live a long and healthy life without taking a vitamin. However, these few cases are an exception:

  • Aging adults
  • Patients with dietary restrictions
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Patients with nutrient deficiencies

Tip: Prioritize Your Food Sources

Although taking vitamins has become a popular choice among health consumers, eating wholesome foods and enjoying a balanced diet provides a wider variety of vitamins and other benefits. Securing your daily amounts of vitamins isn’t just easy, but tasty, too.

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