Should I Wear a Pair of Diabetic Shoes?

Should-I-Wear- a-Pair-of-Diabetic-Shoes

Have you noticed that most people suffering from diabetes also develop foot problems? Some even end up with amputated legs; while others end up losing their sense of touch in their feet.

Understanding that a patient’s feet are at risk when one has diabetes, shoes made of special materials have been discovered and has started to become well-known. Despite their known benefits, most people who have diabetes have not appreciated this product yet because of lack of accurate information.

If you are afflicted with diabetes, you have to take note of this information about Legal Ultimate Pharmacy’s diabetic shoes and supplies.

What makes them special?

A pair of diabetic shoes is made of special materials which minimize the risk of a diabetic person getting foot problems. Diabetic shoes, which are also known as therapeutic shoes, are made with a kind of real leather called Zennon. These shoes have moldable insoles which readily shape into our feet, making it even more comfortable to wear. Since this special type of shoes also prevents air from flowing inside the shoes, it would prevent bacteria from forming on our feet.

Another distinguishing feature of diabetic shoes is that they have wider and higher toe box. With this special feature, our toes will no longer rub against each other and will not get blisters and hot spots. Nerve damage, which makes our feet feel numb, is also another cause of rubbing and blistering. But with this extra room for our toes in our shoes, we will no longer get these blisters from nerve damage.

The foot problems they solve.

Neuropathy, the condition wherein the nerves in our feet are damaged due to high blood sugar levels, causes our feet to lose its feeling. When we lose our sense of touch on our feet area, we could not immediately acknowledge any injury or wound which we might have in any of our foot. When these injuries are left untreated, they get worse.

Some of the foot problems which we might get when we have diabetes include:

  • Bunion.
    This is an abnormal condition wherein a bony bump develops at the base of our big toe which further causes the joint in that area to swell outward and become painful.
  • Fungal infections.
    Candida albicans, a yeast-like fungus, is usually the cause of fungal infections among diabetic people. They create itchy rashes which are surrounded by scales and blisters in the feet.
  • Gangrene.
    This condition happens when the tissues in our feet die and our sensation in the area is suppressed or totally lost.

The extraordinary design of these therapeutic shoes adds comfort to our feet. With these shoes we could purchase from a provider of medical supplies in California, these foot problems could be minimized.

Stay away from foot problems caused by diabetes. Make sure that your feet are always clean and comfortable with your diabetic shoes.

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