Learning About Steroids – 4 Facts You Might Not Know Yet


When you encounter the word “steroid”, what comes immediately to your mind? To many, associations are easily drawn towards muscle building, the gym, and strength. This tendency is not uncommon due to the fact that steroid supplements are widely used to enhance muscle growth over a shorter span of time.

But steroid is more than just an overused icon of masculinity. Especially in the medical field, it has tons of uses. As a supplier of medical supplies in California, we at Legal Ultimate Pharmacy find it our duty to properly educate the public about this substance. Here is a short enumeration of facts we made:

  1. Steroids have two general variants.

    Contrary to the common public knowledge, there is more than one kind of steroids. The major ones include “Corticosteroids” and “Anabolic steroids”.

    Corticosteroids, which can either be man-made or naturally occur in the human body, treat certain physical complications. The same is used to treat allergic reactions, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, lymphoma, and even leukemia. Its name is a derivation from the “adrenal cortex”. On the other hand, Anabolic steroids are those that bodybuilders utilize. This variant imitates sex hormones like testosterone, which facilitates the alteration of the human body form.

  2. Steroids have multifarious modes of application.

    Depending on your preference and medical circumstances, you can take steroids differently. You may take the same orally (via tablets and syrups), nasally (via inhalers), intravenously (via injectable), and topically (via creams, gels, and lotions). The effectivity may vary too.

  3. Improper usage of steroids can lead to side effects.

    Just like any other chemical substance, steroids can lead to serious side effects. One of the most noticeable ones includes irritability, manic behavior, and lack of good judgment. Some may suffer muscle pain. Others even have trouble getting sufficient hours of sleep due to insomnia. But please note, these side effects can be avoided (or minimized) if you will religiously follow your doctor’s instructions.

  4. Cycling, stacking, and pyramiding is not recommended.

    Athletes mostly know that dependence on anabolic steroids can lead to fatal ends. That is why they tend to practice certain measures to avoid unwanted consequences. This is where the terms cycling, stacking, and pyramiding comes to play. Cycling refers to the periodic alternation of taking and not taking steroids. Stacking is the simultaneous intake of different kinds of steroids. Pyramiding is the taking of steroids in a gradually increasing manner.

    No study has yet proven that any of these tactics are effective and safe.

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