A Guide to Refilling Prescriptions


How will you know if refills are included in your prescription? Easy. Simply check the label. The number next to the label section indicates how many times you need to get a refill for your medication without having to see your physician.

Let’s now move on to the ways you can refill your prescriptions.

  • You can head to the pharmacy yourself

    If you have time, drop by the pharmacy where you originally had your prescription filled. You can either wait for it or come back later in the day to pick it up.

  • Call the pharmacy

    It just gets easier and easier, so if you’re sick or don’t really feel like heading out, you can just call in for your refills. The bigger modern-day-pharmacies have automated menus, and the voice prompts will lead you to a smoother process of refilling your prescription. As for the smaller pharmacies, you can simply talk to the pharmacist or pharmacy technician directly.

  • Through the pharmacy websites

    Most pharmacy websites have a refill prescription form you can fill out. After which, you can either have your newly-refilled prescription delivered to your home (given that such a service is provided) or pick it up yourself.

  • Mail-orders

    Did you know that you can also get your prescription by mail? For those who have long-term health conditions who require their medication in batches, this would be the ideal option.

    If your doctor prescribes you two months’ worth of medication, for instance, you can ask him about the mail-order option. Keep in mind, however, that this option will require you to plan things ahead of time as it may take quite a while for your medication to arrive. In many cases, it would take up to two weeks.

The label is there for a reason. Use it. On the label you can find the pharmacy’s phone number, prescription number, and the number of refills left. Each piece of information will help you get through the refill prescription in California with ease. There is nothing to it. It’s all there on the label.

Make sure you never run out of medication. A key part of refilling your prescriptions is knowing when you’re running low. Don’t put yourself in a predicament by waiting until you’ve taken the last pill before placing a refill. For people who are under a strict medication regimen, missing even a daily dose of their medicine could prove to be dangerous.

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