4 Hoaxes About Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) You Should Stop Believing

4-Hoaxes-About-Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid-You-Should-Stop-Believing

This post’s feature is probably everybody’s favorite vitamin – Ascorbic Acid. Babies love it, adults enjoy it, and grannies use it, too! Due to its manufactured tangy taste, Vitamin C easily became popular. Regardless of its form, be it be flavored tablets or gummy bears, the friendly orange or lemon taste does not fail to trigger a light and happy mood.

But there is a lot to know about this delectable drug. Vitamin C helps ward off harmful toxins as it maintains a stronger and more responsive immune system. It is proven that it aids in keeping a healthier looking skin too. Truly, it is somewhat a wonder drug.

Being extremely popular, Vitamin C is often a subject of many baseless and misleading claims. To prevent the further spread of the said fake news, be sure to know the hoaxes. Here are common lies about Vitamin C that has hoodwinked people worldwide:

  1. Citrus fruits are the only sources of Vitamin C.

    As advertised in television ads, Ascorbic acid is pegged with fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. Probably, this made a lot of people think that eating the said fruits is the only way to get Vitamin C. But the same can be found in sprouts, red bell pepper, sprouts, and broccoli as well!

  2. Vitamin C is a flu medicine.

    Pumping your Ascorbic acid dosage after catching a cold is not as effective as you think. That is not how the medicine works! Though Vitamin C helps ward off diseases by upgrading the immune system, it is not a medicine that defeats the complication. It merely serves as a defensive precaution. It keeps the body healthy so that it may not easily get infected.

  3. There is no such a thing as a “Vitamin C overdose”.

    A lot of parents tolerate their kids’ habit of ingesting more than the recommended dosage of their Vitamin C supplements. If you are one of those parents, beware! Since the body cannot store Vitamin C, it must dispose the same at some point. If taken excessively, the body may not release all the Vitamin C accordingly and as a result, cause significant damage to the intestines and kidneys.

  4. Daily Vitamin C intake is dispensable.

    Vitamin C is not naturally found in the human body but is needed for our healthy daily living. This necessitates the consumption of the said vitamin from both natural and synthetic sources. For a guided explanation, talk with your doctor or dietician.

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